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It Teks Time

  • Installation
Photograph of a gallery installation showing a large white freestanding wall on which an artwork is. The artwork is a white sheet covered in handwritten text. Some of the text is black and some orange and red. A man wearing a face covering and black jeans and a t-shirt is standing to the right of the artwork looking at it. The surrounding gallery space contains, bookshelves, chairs and a table and a large window.
It Teks Time, installation by Sadé Mica, Gallery Photo: Steven Pocock. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Spend a moment contemplating how we navigate our fluctuating feelings.

Sadé Mica’s large textile is embroidered with statements taken from their diary. It reflects on the struggle to feel good and draws attention to moments of difficulty and resolution. Meticulously stitched in coloured thread on a duvet, the work evokes intimacy and comfort as well as repair and the benefits of losing yourself through making.

In the accompanying film, Mica sits in the beautiful landscape of Malham in Yorkshire, carrying out an outdoor counselling session. They talk about acceptance and the calming effect of being outside.

This work contains strong language.