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Personal Touch

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Photograph of a person wearing a mask with raised hand holding a colourful loop of string in the air.
Feeling Our Way, Photo: Steven Pocock. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

About the event

‘Personal Touch’ was a chance for you to reflect on your personal relationship with touch, via a series of events and activities in the building and online. 

Explore your feelings about materials, movement and our bodies using resource packs, and listen to a recording about touch-based navigation.

‘Personal Touch’ is part of ‘Feeling Our Way’, a programme of in-person and online encounters and content co-curated by Touretteshero. ‘Personal Touch’ centres the experiences of disabled and neurodivergent people. 

Visual story and easy-read description

Online resources and activities

The Feeling in the Room audio

Reflect on how our varying sensory landscapes influence the way in which we experience the world by listening to this recording. Television writer Annalisa Dinnella, and entrepreneur Miracle Maduforu, who are both visually impaired, as they tour Wellcome Collection and discuss what personal touch means to them as they navigate public spaces. Read the transcript here.



Past events

  • Workshop
Listening Body
The Forum
Join artist Sam Metz to draw for neurodivergence and celebrate stimming. Stimming is behaviour often seen in autistic or neurodivergent people and can include repetitive actions such as rocking or hand flapping or making noises. At this workshop, you will explore movements of stimming by mark making, object making and working with a performer.
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  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Workshop
Feeling Our Way Activity Book Drop-in
Reading Room
What does touch mean to you? Join artist Amber Anderson to pick up a pencil, share a story, leave your mark.
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  • Chill out
Chill-Out Rooms
Viewing Room and Studio Breakout Room
Any time during the day that you want to find a space away from the programme of activities, you can come to the Chill-Out Rooms to lie down or relax. There will be low lighting, comfortable seating, cushions and mats throughout the room. Make use of ear defenders, earplugs, board games and sensory toys.
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Need to know


This is a large-scale event with several different activities. Check specific sub-events for their locations.

Multi-part programme

This is a large-scale event with several different activities, which may include drop-in sessions, scheduled performances, workshops or talks. Check specific activities for details and to see if you need to book a ticket or just show up. Spaces for drop-in activities are limited and may run out if we are busy.


This is a relaxed event, which means that if you need to, you are welcome to move around and make noise at any time.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility page. If you have any queries about accessibility, please email us at access@wellcomecollection.org or call 0 2 0. 7 6 1 1. 2 2 2 2

Our event terms and conditions

About your contributors

Black and white photograph of artist Sam Metz making movements with their arms and legs.

Sam Metz


Sam’s work tries to capture what an unpredictable body is and how a disabled body’s very presence transgresses societal restrictions. Working with movement, as a disabled performer who has Tourette’s and is neurodivergent, short performances are an intrinsic part of their visual art, which are then made ‘solid’, poeticising the fleeting interruptions of the disabled body by making lasting documentations through drawing as-stimming, film, animation and sculptural installation (choreographic objects).

Head and shoulders photograph of a woman with long fair hair wearing a large circular earring

Annalisa Dinnella


Annalisa Dinnella is a television writer currently working on ‘Sex Education’ (Netflix) and ‘Ralph & Katie’ (BBC One). She also presents and writes for BBC Radio 4. She lives in South London with her partner, two kids and roughly 5 per cent vision.

Photograph of the face of a man wearing dark glasses.

Miracle Maduforo


Chibuike Miracle Maduforo (Miracle) is a visually impaired campaigner, artist and entrepreneur with a passion for inclusivity, politics and innovation. Since completing his MSc degree in Risk Analysis, Miracle has worked as a campaign ambassador for Cancer Research UK while also developing multiple inclusive business ventures, including a distribution service for residents and businesses in North London.

Photograph of a woman with long dark hair drawing on a flipchart

Amber Anderson


Amber Anderson is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer with a passion for bringing people's ideas to life through visual language. Amber specialises in live scribing, a skill where visual notes are taken for workshops, meetings, events and conferences. Using visual communication, ideas, discussions and feedback are recorded in an engaging and illustrative way. Some of her past projects include published books, hand-drawn murals, apparel design, wayfinding maps, illustrated board games, activity booklets and more.

Photograph of a woman with long dark hair holding a drawing

Ifeoma Orjiekwe


Ifeoma Orjiekwe is a visual artist who creates a range of art inspired by everything around her. Her favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, El Anatsui, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dalí. Ifeoma has hosted pop-up studio/workshops at the Southbank Centre, the British Museum, Tate Britain and Heart n Soul’s Beautiful Octopus Club in collaboration with artist Ben Connors. She has also exhibited her work at Could be Good and Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art. She was a co-researcher for Heart n Soul at The Hub.