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Audrey’s photographer

Audrey Amiss’s scrapbooks were degrading over time, so it was vital to photograph each item as thoroughly and quickly as possible to create a digital record. The unique properties of a large number of incredible works presented photographer Thomas Farnetti with unprecedented new challenges. In this film, he demonstrates the techniques he developed to photograph and capture for posterity every detail of Audrey’s highly intricate scrapbooks.

Produced by Kate Wilkinsonfilm by Benjamin Gilbertfilm by Thomas S G Farnetti

  • Short film
  • Serial

Produced and directed by Kate Wilkinson
Assistant producer Effie Webb
Filmed and edited by Benjamin Gilbert and Thomas S G Farnetti
Assistant editor Eszter Anna Bonyi
Music by Blue Dot Sessions

About the contributors

Head and shoulders photograph of a woman on a train, with neck-length hair, falling forward over her right cheek

Kate Wilkinson


Kate works at Pushkin Press. When not submerged in a book, she can be found walking or practising Spanish. Sometimes both at once.

Photographic black and white, head and shoulders portrait of Benjamin Gilbert.

Benjamin Gilbert


Ben is a senior photographer for Wellcome. He is happiest when telling stories with his photographs, whether that be the health implications of rural-to-urban migration in India, or the dedication of the workers who power the NHS.

Photographic black and white head and shoulders portrait of Thomas SG Farnetti.

Thomas S G Farnetti


Thomas is a London-based photographer working for Wellcome. He thrives when collaborating on projects and visual stories. He hails from Italy via the North East of England.