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Audrey’s archivist

Audrey Amiss compiled over 200 scrapbooks throughout her life. They contained her daily thoughts and experiences, and a range of food packaging, receipts, sketches and photographs, accompanied by copious handwritten notes. How do you describe and catalogue such a uniquely personal and idiosyncratic archive? How do you preserve an individual voice within a collection? In this film, archivist Elena Carter reveals how she approached cataloguing Audrey’s extraordinary body of work.

Produced by Kate Wilkinsonfilm by Benjamin Gilbertfilm by Thomas S G Farnetti

  • Short film
  • Serial

Produced and directed by Kate Wilkinson
Assistant producer Effie Webb
Filmed and edited by Benjamin Gilbert and Thomas S G Farnetti
Assistant editor Eszter Anna Bonyi
Music by Blue Dot Sessions

About the contributors

Head and shoulders photograph of a woman on a train, with neck-length hair, falling forward over her right cheek

Kate Wilkinson


Kate works at Pushkin Press. When not submerged in a book, she can be found walking or practising Spanish. Sometimes both at once.

Photographic black and white, head and shoulders portrait of Benjamin Gilbert.

Benjamin Gilbert


Ben is a senior photographer for Wellcome. He is happiest when telling stories with his photographs, whether that be the health implications of rural-to-urban migration in India, or the dedication of the workers who power the NHS.

Photographic black and white head and shoulders portrait of Thomas SG Farnetti.

Thomas S G Farnetti


Thomas is a London-based photographer working for Wellcome. He thrives when collaborating on projects and visual stories. He hails from Italy via the North East of England.